How to get to Okinawa Rail Observation deck

The Okinawa rail Observatory with a height of 11.5 m is located on the cliff at the foot of the rocky mountain of Ashimui near Cape Hedo at the northern end of the main island of Okinawa. From the observatory, a 360-degree panorama overlooks the subtropical forest and open ocean. The observatory is impressively realistic and enormous reproduction of the village bird Okinawa rail called Yanbaru Quina.

The route to the observatory is difficult, so I would like to explain the route from the parking lot at Cape Hedo. However, it is not recommended for those who are not good at maneuvering the vehicle because the road is narrow and there are sharp turns.

① entrance of Cape Hedo parking lot
② Go straight ahead in the roundabout
③ Turn left immediately after entering the roundabout
④ Turn right at the corner of the parking lot
⑤ On the slope, turn left according to the arrow to the observatory
⑥ Observatory parking lot is allowed near 10
Entrance of observation deck
Largely reproduced bird legs
Observatory view north facing
Observatory view east facing
Observatory view west facing
⑦ Take the road on the left
⑧ Go straight, looking at the shared store on the left.

If you follow along the road, it will merge with Route 58.